Friday, May 29, 2015


I'm just an ordinary person, i love ordinary things such as, books and arts.
Even though i am an ordinary girl i feel like i don't belong to my culture and society, i love simplicity and calmness and these two are not my culture qualities.
Books are part of my childhood, i remember how much i used to admire the school's library and i can still see the pictures of the covers in my head, i began with short stories that consists of less than 10 pages, when i became 14 i read comics until i was 19 and now in my twines i read all types of fictions, i love reading everything but my tops are  YA, classics, biography and poetry. 
I love books that make me conflicted and go crazy.

why did i made this blog?
sometimes i feel like i want to talk through writing, and i want my own space where i can say whatever i want and this is the main purpose of creating this blog.

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