Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review #1

My first discussion will be about Animal Farm by George Orwell.
the story takes a place in a farm, it is about a group of animal who are raged and furious by their owner attitude towards them, they claim that they are oppressed by him and they want to take revenge against him. after they kicked jones (the owner) out of the farm, the animal specifically the pigs set bunch of rules to maintain the farm.
the first chapters shows how much they are enjoying their freedom, but then a corruption appears because some animals think that they have the right to rule the farm. 
the story has satirical look of the Russian revolution during that time.
Why i liked the book?
George Orwell had an amazing and clever way of delivering  a message, even now we can see rulers and leaders behave like the pigs, i related the story to what happened in Egypt when they were ruled by Hosni Mubarak.
my favorite character is Boxer, i sympathized with him from the beginning of the story, even though he is clueless but at the same time brave, he delivered an important message, which is; to never lose hope! 

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